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What is this about?

TORRENTDYNE aims to be a complete solution for testing BitTorrent client implementations. BitTorrent protocol seems simple, but making sure that everything works is hard.

TORRENTDYNE tests your client’s implementation and configuration. To get a good TORRENTDYNE score, it has to be connectable and a good member of the ecosystem.

Screenshot of a TORRENTDYNE test run report
Reports are end-to-end encrypted and safe to share, here's one!

What can TORRENTDYNE do for you?

Check peer connectivity:

  • TCP over IPv4
  • TCP over IPv6
  • UDP (uTP) (coming soon)
  • Encrypted (MSE) protocol (coming soon)
  • Latency report
  • VPN check (coming soon)

TORRENTDYNE doesn't just check ports, it speaks BitTorrent protocol and catches misconfigurations.

Check tracker connectivity:

  • Reported IPs (always encrypted)
  • Reported port
  • HTTP over IPv4
  • HTTP over IPv6
  • HTTP Keep-Alive (coming soon)
  • TLS (coming soon)
  • HTTP/2 (coming soon)
  • BitTorrent v2 (coming soon)

TORRENTDYNE reports what the tracker sees.

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IP addresses are both sensitive and necessary for diagnosing network issues. TORRENTDYNE avoids choosing between privacy and usability. All diagnostic IPs are end-to-end encrypted and never written on disk in plain text. You can even share links to your TORRENTDYNE reports, as they never contain unencrypted sensitive data.

During registration, your browser generates a unique key pair and submits the public half of it to the server. Server then uses this public key to encrypt IPs before saving reports. When you later set your password, it is used to encrypt your private key in your browser before saving it on the server.

Who and why

I grew tech in a world-of-atoms startup for several years. Helping kids learn science was very rewarding, but also a really wild ride. I left, went on a sabbatical, picked up Rust, implemented a toy BitTorrent client, but quickly grew frustrated with how hard it is to diagnose it.

Hey, it's me, Dan

There are no good tools to diagnose BitTorrent protocol in real world networks, there is no SSL Labs of BitTorrent. TORRENTDYNE is my take on it, a love letter to the ecosystem 💌.

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